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performance-makers pioneering new ways of connecting and creating


an international partnership platform for performance-makers


international partnerships are formed around a performance-making project
theatre-making principles


a project evolves under a common set of 7 performance-making principles


performance-makers respond to the project’s animating idea


a project leads to performance outcomes in each partnership community


performance-makers create content in the form of performance modules 


performance modules can be shared across a project 
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projects explore audience and community participation 


performance-makers pioneer new ways of connecting and creating 

The TuTwo Shows PROJECT

exploring “two-ness” in every which way


lines that connect AND lines that divide

trascending differences

the power of two


stories of “two” guide us to a point ...

where opposites become reconciled, bringing that which is unbalanced and incomplete to a state of balance and completeness – not somewhere between the two extremes but to some third position that transcends them both

The TuTwo Shows PROJECT

The TuTwo Shows PROJECT is a 5 year venture, designed to pioneer the possibilities of The PaperBoats platform and its 7 performance-making principles.

The TuTwo Shows PROJECT will generate performance outcomes in a range of contexts and across a number of communities locally and internationally.

Modularity and Sharing

Performance-making ensembles will respond to the same germinating idea, create their content in modular form and make their performance modules available for sharing between partnership communities inviting co-creation.

The TuTwo Shows PROJECT in 2016

  • Dave Brown, Roz Hervey and a team of artistic associates from The PaperBoats worked with theatre-devising ensemble at the Adelaide College of the Arts, across an eight week theatre-making process, which delivered the first TuTwo Show performance outcome to audiences of 3-7 year olds.
  • Dr Megan Alrutz is leading a devising ensemble from the University of Texas, Dept of Theatre and Dance, in a semester long process, with Dave Brown (Aus) and Stephen Blackburn (NZ), joining the group for a 4 week residency.  The US ensemble is  developing “TuTwo Shows” content, in the form of performance modules, as a creative development process for a performance outcome. They have access to the content and ideas generated by the Adelaide ensemble as they develop their own performance.
the paperboats - lovingly hand-crafted, artful and beautiful performance-making vessels, venturing to unseen places

a project of theatre thinker and tinker, Dave Brown and associates


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Hello. My name is Dave Brown. I'm a performance-maker with an insane curiosity for how we as humans function as creators. 

As a theatre thinker and tinker, I offer a digest of provocations and insights to incite and inspire like-minded enthusiasts of creative practice. 

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