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performance-makers pioneering new ways of connecting and creating


an international partnership platform for performance-makers


international partnerships are formed around a performance-making project
theatre-making principles


a project evolves under a common set of 7 performance-making principles


performance-makers respond to the project’s animating idea


a project leads to performance outcomes in each partnership community


performance-makers create content in the form of performance modules 


performance modules can be shared across a project 
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projects explore audience and community participation 


performance-makers pioneer new ways of connecting and creating 

The PaperBoats Inaugural Project

exploring “two-ness” in every which way


lines that connect AND lines that divide

trascending differences

the power of two


stories of “two” guide us to a point ...

where opposites become reconciled, bringing that which is unbalanced and incomplete to a state of balance and completeness – not somewhere between the two extremes but to some third position that transcends them both

The PaperBoats 2016 - 2020 Project

We define The PaperBoats as an international partnership platform for performance-makers, pioneering new ways of connecting and creating.’
We’re asking ourselves: “What explosion of possibility happens when performance-makers connect with one another across nations, cultures and communities, in a whole range of ways around performance-making for early childhood audiences? (4-8 year olds) “

The answer is revealing an extraordinary new way of making theatre for children through a process of co-creation that builds an ecology of creative engagement and partnership between international communities, artists and presenters.

Our objective is to demonstrate as a “proof of concept” how The PaperBoats creative principles can give rise to inventive,viable, international theatre-making, exemplified by the activity and outcomes of its inaugural 5-year project (2016-2020).


Modularity and Sharing


The inaugural project is a four-way co-creation partnership with carefully selected communities of artists and organisations in Australia, USA, Singapore and New Zealand. 

By sharing and accumulating ideas and content across our four partnership communities in slow-brewing processes, underpinned by The PaperBoats creative principles, we are progressively developing a number of theatre works for early childhood audiences (4-8 year olds) in all 4 communities across the next three years.

With the support of tertiary training institutions, funders, arts organisations, councils, presenters and teams of experienced artists from Australia, USA, NZ and Singapore, we are developing four distinctive works-in-progress (Especially on Birthdays, Cha~Cha~Cha!, Gimme Please! and Tūtū) that we will deliver in a variety of contexts across our partnership nations as part of The PaperBoats 2018-2020 program.

the paperboats - lovingly hand-crafted, artful and beautiful performance-making vessels, venturing to unseen places

a project of theatre thinker and tinker, Dave Brown and associates


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Hello. My name is Dave Brown. I'm a performance-maker with an insane curiosity for how we as humans function as creators. 

As a theatre thinker and tinker, I offer a digest of provocations and insights to incite and inspire like-minded enthusiasts of creative practice. 

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