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performance-makers pioneering new ways of connecting and creating


an international partnership platform for performance-makers


international partnerships are formed around a performance-making project
theatre-making principles


a project evolves under a common set of 7 performance-making principles


performance-makers respond to the project’s germinal idea


a project leads to performance outcomes in each partnership community


performance-makers create content in the form of performance modules 


performance modules can be shared across a project 
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projects explore audience and community participation 


performance-makers pioneer new ways of connecting and creating 

The Tutu Shows PROJECT

exploring “two-ness” in every which way


lines that connect AND lines that divide

trascending differences

the power of two


stories of “two” guide us to a point ...

where opposites become reconciled, bringing that which is unbalanced and incomplete to a state of balance and completeness – not somewhere between the two extremes but to some third position that transcends them both

The Tutu Show PROJECT

The Tutu Shows PROJECT is a 5 year venture, designed to pioneer the possibilities of The PaperBoats platform and its 7 performance-making principles.
The Tutu Shows PROJECT will generate performance outcomes in a range of contexts and across a number of communities locally and internationally.

Modularity and Sharing

Performance-making ensembles will respond to the same germinating idea, create their content in modular form and make their performance modules available for sharing between partnership communities inviting co-creation.

The Tutu Shows PROJECT in 2016

  • Dave Brown will work with a group of theatre-devising students at the Adelaide College of the Arts across an eight week theatre-making process, which will deliver the first “Tutu Shows” performance outcome to audiences of 4-6 year olds.
  • Megan Alrutz will lead a group of devising students from the University of Texas, Dept of Theatre and Dance in a semester long process (with Dave Brown joining the group for a 4 week residency).  The team will develop “Tutu Shows” content, in the form of performance modules, as a creative development process for a later performance outcome.
  • Dave Brown will work with independent artists to create “Tutu Shows” performance content with a view to exploring the possibilities of connection, creation and partnership these may engender.
  • The PaperBoats will commission a small number of artists to create content, generate design possibilities or contribute ideas to support the development of The Tutu Shows PROJECT.

The PaperBoats ASSOCIATES are a group of artists and producers, who will share and develop their theatre-making practice and networks, alongside the evolution of the paperboats platform. left to right: belinda macqueen, thom browning, sally chance, dan aubin, roz hervey, brant pope, dave brown, nat miller, megan alrutz, stephen blackburn, katrina lazaroff, amanda jones, luanne poh.

ASSOCIATE paperboat PROJECTS include:

the SALLY CHANCE DANCE paperboat

a new work for 2 year olds led by Sally Chance collaborators called “Touch and Go” in partnership with Insite Arts, ArtPlay and Pocketfool.


a new early-years theatre work by Thom Browning and collaborators called “This That” being evolved through an international collaboration between Brisbane and Seoul in partnership with ASSITEJ Korea and QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival.
the paperboats - lovingly hand-crafted, artful and beautiful performance-making vessels, venturing to unseen places

a project of theatre thinker and tinker, Dave Brown and associates


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Hello. My name is Dave Brown. I'm a performance-maker with an insane curiosity for how we as humans function as creators. 

As a theatre thinker and tinker, I offer a digest of provocations and insights to incite and inspire like-minded enthusiasts of creative practice. 

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