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The PaperBoats Attributions




The PaperBoats ~ Closed Community of Partners

will share performance ideas and content across the project.

Who? The PaperBoats is an artist-focused platform led by seven international partnership directors: Dave Brown – Australia, Dr Brant Pope, Dr Megan Alrutz and Jim Weiner – USA, Stephen Blackburn and Kerryn Palmer – New Zealand and Luanne Poh – Singapore. There are over 70 artists involved in the development of the works to date alongside our funders, producing associates and presenting partners.

What? The inaugural project is a four-way co-creation partnership with carefully selected communities of artists and organisations in Australia, USA, Singapore and New Zealand.  By sharing and accumulating ideas and content across our four partnership communities in slow brewing processes, underpinned by The PaperBoats creative principles, we are progressively developing a number of theatre works for early childhood audiences (4-8 year olds) in all 4 communities across the next three years.

Where? With the support of tertiary training institutions, funders, arts organisations, councils, presenters and teams of experiencedartists from Australia, USA, NZ and Singapore, we have developed four distinctive works-in-progress (Especially on Birthdays, Cha~Cha~Cha!, Gimme Please! and Tūtū) that we will deliver in a variety of contexts across our partnership nations as part of The PaperBoats 2018-2020 program

Goal? Across the next three years (2018 to 2020), our plan is to reveal how our model of cumulative co-creation works in practice to generate a range of quality theatre performances for children across four nations.  

 All participants have endorsed our Sharing Communities Agreement which describes how ideas and content can be shared within the closed community of partners.

  • each partnership community, its project director and the names of the artists involved will be listed on the The PaperBoats website and each will be acknowledged as co-creators in any publicly shared performance outcome of this project.
  • where there is a clearly attributable contribution by an artist - like a piece of music - it will be specifically acknowledged.
  • the stories of how the project evolves will be shared through The PaperBoats platform so that groups and individuals, along with their contributions, will be acknowledged and profiled.
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